Founder & Director 


  • USSF D Coaching License

  • 26 years of playing experience, including 10 years of nationally competitive youth soccer

  • 6 years of Club Coaching Experience

  • 2 years of Directing and Programming for U6-U18


Born and raised in Grapevine, TX, I began playing soccer from the time I could walk. As most kids do, I joined the rec league, and my dad coached me until I was about 9. From there, I was "recruited" onto a travel team and really began to fall in love with the sport.


Competitive Youth Career - 

  • 1999-2000 Tejanos Soccer Club

  • 2000-2007 Dallas Texans 91 Red

  • 2007-2009 Sting 91 Royal

With the Dallas Texans, I obtained several Texas State Championships, multiple appearances in the Region III Tournament, and 1 appearance in the Youth Soccer National Championship Tournament. Throughout middle school and High School, our team was ranked among the top 5 teams in the country. I then moved on to play for Sting 91' Royal in 2007, to finish out my select career. While playing club soccer, I was also a member of the girl's varsity soccer team at Grapevine High school for four years, earning a spot on the All ­Star Freshman Team in 2005.

After playing competitive soccer at this level, several scholarship opportunities were made available to me, as well as the rest of my teammates. While many of them accepted to their school of choice, I made the decision to decline them all. Many people judged my decision, considering the time and effort I had put into making that goal possible. The truth was, I had completely lost the passion for playing soccer. Unfortunately, I believe this happens to a lot of players competing at such a high level, and in my experience, this was caused by an overwhelming sense of pressure and set of expectations given from a young age. Eventually I became burnt out and did not follow through with what was once my number one goal. After deciding to decline offers, I attended the University of Arkansas as a full time student and didn't have anything to do with the sport until 2014. 

In 2014, I began coaching youth soccer with a local club and truly fell back in love with the sport in a whole new way.  Now as Director, I use both the positive and negative experiences as insight to a path for healthy youth development. It is my goal to bring a higher playing field to NWA by developing dynamic and intelligent players that truly love the game.  My passion lies in the intersection of competitive soccer and youth development, and I hope to impact as many players as possible. 


Trainer & Head Coach


  • USSF E Coaching License

  • 15 years of playing experience

  • 5 years of Club Coaching Experience


From the time I was born, soccer has been a huge part of my life. From watching games on tv with my dad, to kicking the ball around with my brothers until our mom yelled at us to come inside, soccer was always a part of my everyday life. I grew up playing for several different local teams and played for the Rogers High School soccer team during my time at Rogers High. Since I was on a variety of different teams with a variety of different skill levels throughout my youth career, I believe that I was able to become a more adaptable player and it helped me become more analytical of the sport from a young age. I was fortunate enough to get involved with a local soccer organization at the age of 17, and completely fell in love with coaching and teaching kids about the sport that has been such a big part of my life. This passion for the game and child development is what helped me become one of the youngest competitive soccer coaches in the area. I have been coaching kids of all different ages and skill levels ever since, and although I have been able to achieve quite a bit at a young age, I am still learning and actively continuing to be a student of the game. 


I believe that developing competitive soccer players starts with passion. Having a passionate coach that can motivate their athletes to go the extra mile to be the best makes all the difference in the world. Really learning what motivates each of my players is something that I strive to do as a coach, and I feel makes players have more productive training sessions as well as give them that extra push to go out and practice on their own. 


Trainer & Head Coach


  • USSF F Coaching License

  • 15 years of playing experience

  • 5 years of Club Coaching Experience


I was born and raised in Rogers, and am currently a graduate student at the University of Arkansas. Since I can remember, I have had a soccer ball at my feet. I began playing through the local rec program, and at the age of 8, joined the Lightning Soccer Club. I continued with Lightning through out high school while also earning a spot on the varsity team at RHS as a sophomore. After my high school career ended, I was given several opportunities from colleges to continue playing. Unfortunately I had to decline due to multiple injuries I suffered throughout my youth career. I have continued to play intramural soccer at the U of A, and have kept playing in local coed leagues.


I have been coaching for 7 years, starting with a year at the Rogers Activity Center and 5 years coaching for a local soccer organization. I began this journey because I want to share my love for soccer, and have a bigger impact on my players that goes beyond the field. As a coach, I strive to have strong personal connections with each of my players, because I believe that those connections are a solid foundation for healthy development.

Nadir Alexander Franco

Trainer & Head coach

Licensing:  ​

  • United States Soccer Federation “D” License

  • Grade 8 USSF Soccer Referee License



  • John Brown University

  • Bachelor in Kinesiology (2020)


Coaching Experience:


  • 2 years - Sporting Arkansas Soccer Club -  U11 Boys Second Team Head Coach

  • 3 years - Happy Feet Legends Soccer Club U9 Boys & U10 Girls Head Coach

  • 1 year - SS Academy


Playing Experience:


  • Bentonville High School 

  • Comets Soccer Club 


My mission is to make sure that every player loves the game on and off the field. My first goal is to have great attitude, sportsmanship, learning life lessons to use on or off the pitch, and most important to have fun. My coaching style is concentrated in technical and tactical skills to make sure every player strengthens their skills in different ways. My final goal is to make sure every player is challenged with expectations, pressure, seriousness, and willing to put effort every day.


Favorite Futbol Quote:


“Every time I step onto a pitch, all my troubles go away, the only thing that matters on the field, is the beautiful game”


Trainer & Head Coach

  • USSF D Coaching License

  • 10+ years of coaching experience

  • Regional Referee Certification

  • I.T. Manager for Arvest Bank

  • Father of two

Vinicius Sanchez

Trainer & Head Coach

  • Semi-Pro experience with Ozark FC

  • Played 4 years at Oklahoma Wesleyan University

  • 5+ years of training experience

  • From Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Bachelors in Management and Information Systems


Trainer & Assistant Coach

  • 16 years of playing experience

  • Former NWA Lightning player

  • Played 1 year for MSSU

  • First time competitive coach- "year in training" with SS Academy

Luca Crivellari

Trainer & Head Coach

  • Semi-Pro experience in Italy and with Ozark FC

  • Played NAIA at WWU

  • 5+ years of training experience

  • From Padova, Italy

  • Bachelors in Communication

Gum Mpwo

Trainer & Head Coach

  • USSF C Coaching License

  • 20+ years of coaching experience

  • Assistant for local Semi-Pro team

  • Father of two

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