We are on a mission...

We are on a mission to educate and develop the game of soccer in Northwest Arkansas.

We will achieve this by providing access to high quality training for ANY player, and by putting the PLAYER first in all circumstances.

 Areas of Impact 

  • Competitive Travel Teams - Tryout based, one team per age and gender, regionally competitive, licensed and trained coaches. (Tryouts in early June, season runs July through May)

  • Private Training - 1 on 1 training with a coach who truly knows your player. Private Training creates a bond that can last a lifetime. We recommend this for beginners and/or players looking to tune up their game on a deeper level. (Any skill level, Ages 3+)

  • Partner Training - 2 on 1 with a trainer, these sessions provide similar benefits to 1 on 1 but with a small increase in pressure. Adding a player to your session opens up more training content, and will improve your players 1v1 ability instantly. We recommend this for any player looking for that private attention, but with a little more challenge. (Any skill level, Ages 7+) 

  • Small Group Training - 4 on 1 with a trainer, these sessions are designed to improve your players small sided game. Technical and tactical elements are built into every session, challenging your players soccer IQ as well as individual ability. We recommend this for advanced players who are looking to gain an edge. (Advanced, Ages 7+)

  • NEW Remote Private Training - Train with a licensed coach from the safety and comfort of your home. Sessions are designed around your player and their unique learning style. (Any skill level, Ages 7+)

  • Technical Academy Sessions - Large group sessions focused on individual and fitness based training. (Any player, Ages 7+)

  • Camps/Clinics - Seasonal events that are focused on one to two important elements of the game. These events are a fun way to bring together members of the soccer community. (Any player, 7+)

  • Homework Techne Futbol App - Receive FREE access to the Techne Futbol App when you register for a Club Team, Private, Partner, or Small Group Training. 

 We don't care what jersey you wear, we want to help you succeed. 

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